Tuesday, February 5, 2008

The year's best feature images yet...

THAT'S WHY THEY CALL IT THE BLUES: A hand of a tourist at the Singapore Underwater World is seen reflected inside a fish tank on January 30. Following record visitor numbers, exceeding 10 million, into Singapore last year, the tourism sector is expected to continue to boom in 2008.

BRIDGE OF COLOUR: Rush-hour traffic is seen on the Bay Bridge as the sun sets over San Francisco on January 30.

OH RATS, I MEAN, FISH: Spotted Ratfish is seen swimming up to the surface of a tank at the Underwater World in Singapore on January 30. The Spotted Ratfish is considered to be a missing link between sharks and rats, and was brought into the city-state from Canada as a symbol to usher in the Chinese Lunar New Year of the Rat.

COLOURS OF THE RAIN: A rainbow can be seen when looking west from Palm Springs, California, next to an array of wind turbines, on January 28.

STAR-GAZING: Stars are seen over the remains of Sapega's castle in the village of Ruzhany, 250 km south-west of Minsk, Belarus, in the late evening of January 28. This image was made with a long shutter-speed, causing stars to appear as white lines in the clear winter night sky, and highlighting the 18th Century decaying old walled structure.

YO ARNIE: Ali Sabah Talib, 18, a former bodybuilding champion, shows off his muscles in the office of the Arnold Gym in the centre of Baghdad, Iraq, on January 23. The gym is named after Governor of California Arnold Schwarzenegger, who is a former body-builder.

CHILD MARRIAGE: Wearing traditional dresses for a symbolic wedding two-year-olds, Darien (right) as groom and Leonie (left) as bride dance together as they celebrate the story of the 'Bird's Marriage' in Panschwitz, eastern Germany, on January 25. The children of the Sorbs, a German minority community located near the German-Polish border, thank birds, which, according to legend, give the children sweets in return for being fed during the winter. The costumes that the children wear are similar to the actual get-ups worn by Sorb brides and grooms.

MOUSING UP: A young girl dresses up as a mouse to celebrate the Chinese Lunar Year, which is the Year of the Mouse in China this year, at an event in Hong Kong on January 24.

ALWAYS OUT OF REACH: Funny Path Car 9/11, a battery-operated toy which features US President George Bush riding a tank to capture al-Qaeda leader Osama bin Laden, is on display at a roadside toy vendor's store in Bangalore, on January 22.

THE ONLY TIME THEY'LL EVER MEET: Dolls made of elastic dough, from left, US President George Bush, al-Qaeda leader Osama bin Laden, former Iraqi leader Saddam Hussein and Chinese movie star Bruce Lee, are on display at a shop in Beijing, China, on January 25.

LONG AND POINTED: A man photographs an ice sculpture, 'Verdant Meadows', during an LED light-testing show in Vail, Colorado, on January 11. The exhibit featured the creativity of University of Denver art professor Lawrence Argent, whose concept was translated into ice by Scott Rella.

HISTORIC MEETING: Fireworks light up the sky over the New York harbour as the Queen Mary 2 (right), the Queen Victoria (centre), and the Queen Elizabeth 2 cross paths near the Statue of Liberty in New York on January 13. The Queen Victoria is the newest of the Cunard ships and was only recently launched in England. It was the only time that the three Queen ships would ever meet.

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