Tuesday, February 17, 2009


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andyfriend said...

Sharjah’s New Fish Market: It was really cool – huge Dhows were coming in with fish and selling them in a long, open air fish market along the water. They had every kind of fish you could imagine including a lot of shark.

Eye on Hollywood Stars: Khloe Kardashian has said in the past that no matter what she does she will never look good enough for anyone but even she was not prepared for the barrage of criticism from her own mother regarding her weight.

Cute Ribbon Seals: Ribbon seals are recognizable by their black skin, which carries four white markings: a strip around the neck, ?ne ar?und th? t?il ?nd ? circular marking ?n e?ch b?dy sid?, which encloses th? front fins.

Jennifer Aniston’s New House For Sale: The star doesn’t want to live in her “Zen-like” house anymore and put it on sale. I wonder why she’s selling it? Maybe because it’s too big to live there alone?

People That Are Out of Control: All of us are staying small children deep inside our hearts even though we have grown up. Let’s play a bit!

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First Untethered Space Walk: This is must be the most known picture in the Internet and in the whole world. But it so great that it will never get old hence my choice to post it.